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пʼятниця, 8 травня 2009 р.

Some XULRunner traps on Mac OS X

Recently I've been fighting for quite a while with my XUL (Gecko runtime aka GRE) application on Mac OS X trying to make is 'speak' to java via LiveConnect. I had couple of problems which other people might also run into:
  • I accidentally downloaded a PowerPC version of XULRunner to my Intel Mac. While it runs perfectly well (thanks to Rosetta) it implies that java is also a PowerPC version. To check which platform your xulrunner supports simply type:
    file /Library/Frameworks/XUL.framework/Versions/Current/xulrunner-bin
    The output should contain something except PowerPC ('ppc').
  • You may still experience problems connecting to java due to outdated java plugin. In this case you may wish to download Java Embedding Plugin which utilizes Apple's Safari plugin to do the job.
  • Because XULRunner is distributed as x86 32 bit binary you'll have to use an appropriate java compiled for x86 32 bit. This is either default Leopard Sun JDK 1.5.x or Soylatte ( an independent OpenJDK port for OS X).

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Giancarlo_F сказав...

I'm OT but I can't solve a annoying trouble while developing a Firefox extension which uses some Java classes, and I've seen your experience with firegoose could help me...

Can I contact you?

If you're interested, I've explained my trouble here:

and here:


Giancarlo_F сказав...

sorry, I've mistaken blog.